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Concord Native Attempted To Save Airline Passenger’s Life

Published Tuesday June 28

Photo: Sanfrancisco Cbslocal

CONCORD – While social media was abuzz Tue was over Timothy Tebow’s role in a tragedy aboard a Delta flight, a physician’s assistant who grew up in Concord was the one who battled to keep a passenger who had a heart attack alive.

Nikki Freeze, who now lives in Phoenix, was aboard the flight from Atlanta to Phoenix when the medical emergency occurred.

According to her father’s Von’s Facebook page, he wrote:

“As your mom and I drove up to pick you up at the airport, I told her that you appeared to be Sunday burnt. Once you were in the car we find out that you had been doing CPR for the last hour of your flight on an individual that happen to be in the seat next to you on the plane.”

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